Alyson came to me with failing upper teeth, deteriorated after years of dental intervention with fillings and crowns. Because of this, Alyson had suffered several years of pain and discomfort, which lead her to seek out an implant dentist to rectify the problem finally. She was also greatly determined to have a beautiful smile that she could be proud of, so aesthetics was an important factor.

Alyson’s main concerns were whether she could get used to a new set of teeth, what the long-term maintenance would be like and if she would like her final, new smile. Weighing up the treatment options, we could address these concerns and decided that upper and lower NeoArch teeth-in-a-day implants were the best course of action.

This treatment option meant that in just one surgical intervention, Alyson could leave the dental chair with a fixed set of temporary natural-looking teeth whilst her final zirconia teeth were being made. This was an excellent option for a low maintenance and highly aesthetic look, guaranteed to deliver the level of confidence Alyson was looking for in her new smile.

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