Dwayne came to Dr Ali with failing and broken down teeth, decayed from a lifelong, high sugar diet. He had experienced several years of pain and discomfort, which led Dwayne to seek implant treatment from a professional.

At his initial consultation with Dr Ali, Dwayne expressed his concern regarding the long-term maintenance of his new implants. He was reassured that dental implants are a relatively low maintenance option as they require the same regular oral hygiene regime as natural teeth and gums.

Dwayne was also concerned whether implant treatment could really give him back the confidence that he was missing. The implants themselves work to improve patients’ facial aesthetic and provides a youthful appearance which has always been a benefit of this confidence-boosting treatment. They are also built to last and to provide a comfortable and natural functionality, unlike loose dentures which can be painful and inconvenient.

After an in-depth consultation with Dr Ali, it was decided that a fixed set of upper and lower NeoArch implants would be the best option to give Dwayne the stunningly complete, comfortable and healthy smile he had been dreaming of. The implants would be placed in one surgical appointment and temporary teeth fitted on the same day ensuring Dwayne could leave the dentists’ chair with a complete smile!

On the date of Dwayne’s appointment, Dr Ali gently removed the decaying teeth and skilfully placed the implants into the jawbone to create a secure anchor for his new set of fixed prosthetic teeth. A temporary set of teeth were fixed into place giving Dwayne an instantly completed and beautifully aesthetic smile in just one day. After a short healing period, Dr Ali fixed Dwayne’s final set of prosthetic teeth to the implants approximately 8 months after the surgical appointment.

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