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Turning dream smiles into a reality

Dental Implants by Adeel Ali

Starting from £2,500 or £149 per month

"My aim is to provide outstanding customer care that achieves only the most excellent results in the specialist field of restorative and implant dentistry."

Adeel Ali

The dental implant process

Investing in your smile is a positive and rewarding experience and, through Dr Ali’s holistic and communicative approach, your implant journey will be comfortable, reassuring and above all, transformative.

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Dental Implants

An investment in you, your smile and your self-confidence.

Though we hope our teeth remain perfect for as long as possible, the effects of age, illness and trauma mean that our smiles may not always last a lifetime. Damaged or missing teeth can harm your self-confidence, inhibit your daily life and cause serious oral health risks if left untreated. Fortunately, with a natural eye for aesthetics and skilful expertise in placing dental implants, Dr Ali is turning his patients’ dream smiles into a reality.

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How do dental implants work for you?

Dental implants work to improve your smile’s aesthetic and restore function by acting as the natural tooth root which is anchored safely into the jawbone. The bone heals naturally around the securely implanted post upon which a dental crown is secured.

The cosmetic and functional effect of this long-term solution is unmatched by other restorative dental treatments and even helps to preserve the tooth-supporting bone underneath, which would otherwise naturally deteriorate after tooth loss.

What are the benefits of expertly placed dental implants?

  • Regain the confidence to smile
  • Fix unwanted gaps in your dentition
  • Restore natural functions for chewing and enunciation
  • Eliminate the need for messy and inconvenient denture adhesives
  • Prevent gum irritation from uncomfortable and ill-fitted dentures
  • Stop existing teeth from moving into the spaces left by missing teeth
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Dr. Ali currently uses the NeoArch implant system for treating patients and is renowned for his open communication, intrinsically kind and caring nature, and his attentive patient aftercare. Today, he is considered one of the most experienced implant practitioners in the UK.

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The NeoArch experience

Same day dental implants for a complete new smile

Starting from £15,000

If you’re looking to replace your dentures, failing or missing teeth quickly and comfortably, Dr Ali’s cost-effective and state-of-the-art NeoArch treatment can give you the beautiful and long-lasting results you deserve in one procedure. This immediate fixed full-arch solution is highly versatile and caters to every patients’ dental needs through multiple restorative implant options.


What are NeoArch implants?

NeoArch is an advanced dental implant technology designed to provide an immediate solution to patients in need of fixed dental restoration. This same-day treatment helps to instantly restore the aesthetics and function of your teeth and jaws without the need for uncomfortable and loose dentures. If you have bone loss as a result of missing teeth, NeoArch technology could be the perfect solution as it reduces the need for bone grafting.

The NeoArch Experience:

  • Is a minimally invasive and quick procedure
  • Offers treatment predictability
  • Has a high success rate
  • Is designed for stability
  • Improves function immediately
  • Provides natural-looking results
  • Is a durable and long-lasting solution
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NeoArch same day teeth

How do NeoArch implants work?

This full-arch treatment uses four NeoArch implants strategically placed into the jawbone to support a new set of beautifully crafted prosthetic teeth. Completed in just one procedure, Dr Ali inserts the titanium implants through minor surgery and under a local anaesthetic, then securely attaches the prosthetic to the top of the implant post.

NeoArch teeth in a day

Patient transformations by Dr Adeel Ali

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Single Implants

If you are looking to replace a missing or failing tooth, Dr Ali can restore your smile with a single, natural-looking dental implant. Through high-tech scanning and state-of-the-art equipment, an implant can be placed with incredible accuracy and the least possible trauma to your jaw and gums. Swift recovery time, a beautifully crafted prosthetic tooth and a lifetime of smiles ahead.

Is the dental implant procedure painful?

Dr Ali will fit your implants under a local anaesthetic so, whilst you will be awake through the procedure, you will not feel any pain. Slight swelling and temporary discomfort are expected directly after treatment; however, this is treated with over-the-counter pain relievers.

How much does dental implant treatment cost?

The cost of implant treatment is mainly dependent on how many teeth need to be replaced and the complexity of your case. Dr Ali collaborates with finance companies to help you spread the costs of your treatment in an affordable payment.

Is the implant procedure really completed in just one day?

The implant procedure itself does take just one day with the surgery taking approximately 2-3 hours per arch. In addition to this, you will also have pre-op appointments and several post-op review appointments. Approximately 3-4 further appointments are needed to make the final bridge.